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21 May 2007 @ 08:22 pm
I was just rewatching the series finale of Crossing Jordan and oh myCollapse )
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17 May 2007 @ 06:18 pm
I just deleted a spoilery entry from this community when the person who wrote it did not place the entry behind a cut even though people were complaining about the spoilers.

If your post contains SPOILERS, post them beneath an lj-cut.

~ sera
16 May 2007 @ 10:32 pm
can someone tell me what happened in tonight's season finale episode? who said "I love you"?
16 May 2007 @ 10:16 pm
14 May 2007 @ 01:19 am
  Here's some e-mail addresses for NBC executives that I got from a campaign to save Crossing Jordan, in case anyone wants to yell/rant at someone or beg for at least a real series finale.  They're also trying to stage a protest, send tissue boxes plastered with CJ pics, etc, which you can read about here on the IMDB boards.


  Also, there's a website where you can vote to save your favorite shows.  They say they periodically send the results to media sources, networks, etc.  Not sure if it really does anything but I figured it's better than doing nothing.  And you can vote as much as you want so it'd be kinda cool if the votes to save CJ doubled after they made their asinine announcement.  Here's the site:  http://www.savemyshow.com/shows/crossingjordan.htm
12 May 2007 @ 07:32 pm
I'm sure many of you would already know this, but many sources have been quoted as saying CJ will not be returning for a 7th Season. It's pretty official now.

I'm so devastated. Beyond words. I just can't keep it together.
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04 May 2007 @ 02:05 pm
  Finally, I found a little bit of good news for Crossing Jordan fans.  According to TV Guide's Ask Ausiello:

Here are seven words I never thought I'd type: Crossing Jordan may be back next season. 

Multiple sources connected to the drama tell me that prospects for a seventh season are looking up. That's quite a turnaround from what I heard just a few weeks ago, which was that Jordan was showing signs of rigor mortis.

"Everyone was expecting to get shut down," acknowledges a Jordan insider. "But just last week, NBC started to give indications that the show might return. There's even been some money allocated for next season." 
16 April 2007 @ 10:17 pm
Okay this will probably sound like a stupid question, but which episode comes first: Mr Little and Mr Big or Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

+which one aired first in the US?
+which one SHOULD have aired first?

I'm just finding all this conficting information and I'm so confused!

(I haven't watched either yet, I'm in Australia and they are holding back the crossover ep and I'm trying to figure it out without searching for spoilers to see which one would clearly come first)

Hope you can help! :)
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30 March 2007 @ 05:35 pm
I figured I'd post a new comment, because it's far more likely to be read this way.

A Save One Show update, and it's not so good news:

As of today, the leading shows (in alphabetical order) are Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Supernatural and Veronica Mars. The top two are in a tight race for first, and the other three are in a tight race for second. So, every vote counts, and we're counting every vote!

So we must keep voting!! Only a few days left! If you've already voted, try voting again, and get all your friends to vote! Who knows, CJ might be 6th and a bunch more votes could get it over the line and closer to our goal. So vote like mad!

Here's the link again.

Good luck!
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30 March 2007 @ 12:24 am
I was hoping someone could explain to me what exactly "rename to .avi after downloading" means... I haven't tried it yet, for fear I'll screw it up.